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Is it okay to cut the nicotine patches in half? I've heard conflicting answers on this.

I've heard it may release all of the nicotine at once and therefore not be effective for the 24 hours. I've also heard that it's just fine to do this.

I'm doing this to try to save money. Getting the 14 mg patch and cutting it in half. It's mostly for the psychological effect that I use it now (I think). I just need to know that I have the "patch" on and am covered. I also chew about 3 pieces of the nicotine gum per day.

Has anyone heard that it's not good to cut them in half?

I was looking for information on the effects of smoking with the patch.
Thanks for the info. I know it's probably not a good idea to cut the patch in half, but I do it anyway. I could be getting lots of nicotine at once though, instead of over 24 hours. I'm still not ready to stop the patch. I work for doctors and they pretty much say that anything you can do to NOT SMOKE is okay. I even read a medical article that said you can be on the patch, chew the gum, etc. etc. I've smoked in the past with the patch on and never had a problem, but it's probably not a wise thing to do.

I'll be 9 months quit on Saturday!

Take care.
uve quit for 9 months and still require the patch?
I'll be quitting the patch soon. It's more of a psychological thing now that I feel safe or "covered" when I have the patch on. I'm only on 7 mg. I think I'm now addicted to the patch!!!
[QUOTE=Fibrana;3378367]I'll be quitting the patch soon. It's more of a psychological thing now that I feel safe or "covered" when I have the patch on. I'm only on 7 mg. I think I'm now addicted to the patch!!![/QUOTE]

That's exactly the reason why I wont use NRT. I know one bloke who hasn't had a cigarette in two years, but he's chewing that NRT gum like it's going out of style! Don't get me wrong, anything that gets you off the smokes is better than smoking, but there has to be a limit to how long you use it, otherwise you're really just switching the mode of nicotine delivery into the body and keeping the addiction itself as alive as ever. Best of luck to you Fibrana; I'd start cutting those patches into quarters if I was you! :)
Yes fibrana, you can cut them in half. Also don't worry about still using these aids. I stopped smoking with the patch and hypnosis. I was off the patch for 3 months when I got severe anxiety. (trying to stop smoking and going through menopause at the same time) I went back to smoking for 2 months. I then stopped and used the patch for 4 1/2 months. About 4 months after i stopped the patch I got urges like I had never quit. I went back on the patch instead of the cigarettes. I bought the 14mg and cut them in half. I used them for 3 months and have now been nicotine free for 5 months. The longest I have been without nicotine. So I have been officially off the smokes for 18 months (next week) but only nicotine free for 5 months. It will happen for you. Your doctors are right. The important thing is to not let the poisons into your system. Godbless

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