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I am really wanting to quit smoking... again! About 2.5 years ago, I had quit cold turkey and stayed quit for about 7-8 months but then, hanging out with friends, drinking, you know the drill... I picked up cigs again and then just kept on it.. I was so mad at myself! But now, its time once again to quit and this time... for GOOD!
My mother died of Lung Cancer and I really dont want to die that way.
My dr has prescribed me Chantix and I havent picked up the prescription as of yet (waiting until after jan 1st because my insurance is going to be covering it next yr which they dont as of now)
Sooo... my problem is.. I am scared to take the Chantix. I read a few things that has made me a little hesitent. I have had some bad reactions to meds in the past which makes me not quick to pop a pill I am not familiar with and with this drug being soooo new, it makes me nervous.

I quit cold turkey once before and i remember the worst part was the furst 3 weeks... after that, it was a breeze.
Should I try cold turkey again and see how well I do or should I get the chantix and just give it a try?
I get scared of having increased anxiety... I have xanax now for that as needed but am hoping I dont need to use it much through this process.
I also take a cholestrol pill and i have herniated disks in my back and arthritis in both kness and take lortab for pain daily.
I am afraid of adding another drug to my life.
Any feed back from users and non users of chantix would be awesome!


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