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Hello all. My husband and I have been smokers for over 30 yrs. We have both quit short term a number of times, but always resumed the habit. He has heart disease and my father died of lung cancer 11 yrs ago (and my mother would be horrified if she knew I still smoked). I have a box of Chantix someone gave me but have concerns about taking them. I have been depressed for months and on Lexapro (not working too well) and have anxiety issues. Since my husband has heart disease, he takes blood thinners and I read on the paperwork in the box that Chantix should not be taken with blood thinners. So, I'm thinking we both are not good candidates for the Chantix.
Like a lot of people, our quit date is New Years day. I'd like to hear what has worked for you ex smokers. I'm considering buying the patch, losenges, chewing gum, etc. I think we will need something to get though this.
Oh yeah, besides quitting for our health, our main reason of course, the State of Maryland is adding another $1.00 per pack tax starting 1/1/08. So we decided it's quit or stock up now and we are going for the quitting - which we should have done soooo many years ago.
I appreciate any words of wisdom you may have to offer. Especially when it comes to dealing with stressful situations.
Hoping to see this board light up in the next few days. Thanks to any who may reply,

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