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I quit smoking on 5/22/07 with Chantix, and I definitely had bouts of anxiety when I came off the med. I came off the med after I'd taken it for about six weeks, so it would be right around the same time as your attacks (seven weeks?). I'd never had issues with anxiety or depression.

In all honesty, I didn't know if it was the med or quitting smoking. I'd read that people have anxiety/depression while on and especially coming off Chantix. But every authority also says this is a side effect of quitting smoking. And both make sense. I'm sure I reached for a cig to deal with a lot of anxious or depressing situations.

I never took anything to combat the anxiety and depression. I'm really not a pill taker, and it took a lot just to take Chantix for a month and a half. It helped to know others were going through this (even people who didn't take Chantix and quit go through this) and just taking it one day at a time.

Congrats to you on your quit!!! I hope you can get through these problems!
Re: Chantix-Anxiety
Jan 15, 2008
Hello all. I started taking Chantix on June of 2007, took it for 12 weeks (and same thing) being on it was probably about the worst experience i've ever had.

I smoked for 14 years about a pack and a half a day. I can honestly say that Chantix did work but i haven't exactly been feeling healthy either. I keep having panic attacks. At times i even wake up in the middle of the night grasping for air. Stoped drinking anything with caffeine to see if it would help, but every day is a struggle as far as my panic attacks go. I have been doing more cardio than ever (which only helps during the workout), started going to yoga to help with my breathing problems. I am always on edge and extra sensitive, I can't ever breathe, and it wasn't until recently that my anxiety started affecting my social life. I have never had anxiety problems until Chantix. I am just wondering... will this ever go away or am i doomed now for taking Chantix??

I am so sorry to hear that others are going through the same, I truly wish the best for all.
Re: Chantix-Anxiety
Jan 29, 2008
I think the drs dont know all about Chantix. My husband had no problems but when I first went on it I felt like I was speeding. Since going to 1 pill, today is the first day I have not had any anxiety. I think in a couple of weeks I will be cutting the pill in half. I thought I had read if you get depressed on this you should call your dr and they can play around with your dosage.

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