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This is for everyone!! I just got my chantix today...but I am really nervous to take it. I heard that it causes really bad dreams and sleep walking?? Has anyone experienced this?? I'm taking it regardless as I know med's affect everyone differently I just am a little nervous about some of the things I have heard
There is definitely a large list of side effects. Be sure to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary or anything you don't think you can handle.

Please keep in mind that not everyone suffers from any or all of the side effects. And for me, my hubby, my mother and best friend (we all took Chantix), the side effect about the dreams weren't "bad" dreams; they were "vivid" dreams. Now, I could see if you're prone to nightmares or stressful dreams, nighttime might be difficult for you. But the four of us positively LOVED the dreams. They were much, much different than the patch dreams. I couldn't handle those at all.

The dreams on Chantix are like watching a movie every night. They're extremely vivid. It's the only thing I miss about the med.

I'd never heard sleepwalking was a side effect. I didn't get that one (I was too busy enjoying the dreams to walk!), and neither did anyone I know. But just keep a watchful eye on any potential problems as you would when you take any medication.

Congrats on taking such a wonderful step!!! Please keep us posted on your progress :)
[QUOTE=melanijle;3389181][FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Hi all!! I’m new to this forum and am taking my first Chantix pill tomorrow morning. I’m pretty worried about this. I think I’m more scared of having insomnia and gaining weight more than anything else….lol I guess I’m out here looking for support from people who won’t criticize me if I slip. I’m more worried about disappointing my friends than anything…..[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE]

I am using Champix (known as Chantix in America) to give up smoking (my 8th day smoke free :) ) and I was worried about insomnia too but I have been able to sleep like a baby and the dreams are awesome lol. I haven't suffered any bad side affects.

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