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Chantix worked really well for me. It is 10 months since I last smoked. While on Chantix I was pretty mellow and it afforded me to ditch the nicotine without clawing out anyones eyes. I would just be on one med at a time especially until you feel how it is working. The worst side effect I had was a bit of insomnia and some joint pain. After lowering my dose on my own those problems went away. Chantix will not tie your hands behind your back and make you quit but it makes it easier to say no to smoking. I felt how it worked and gave it my best shot. Never going back. I smoked for 35 years and nearly 2 packs a day. Good Ridance!!! Good luck to you!;) You have to really want to quit and it may take some time to get to that place.

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