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[QUOTE=CAK70;3416188]I wanted to know if anyone here has had or knows anyone who has succeeded with Chantix (after 12 weeks has remain quit)?

I am trying Chantix for my second time. The first time I quit (9/11/06) for 7 weeks and gave into my first real craving and instead of sucking it up and moving on I stopped the Chantix and started smoking again. :mad:

As of right now I am 8 days quit and feel great :)

I have not heard any success stories as far as staying quit after finishing the Chantix and I was just curious if anyone here has a story?[/QUOTE]

I have been smoke free since October 11th. I had all the side affects they say you could get. In time they subsided. To tell you the truth I looked forward to the dreams,lol.
Getting to my point, the worse for me is when I stopped taking the chantix. I couldn't understand why I was so sad. Depression got me and I was crying over anything and everything.I felt alone and felt like I didn't want to go on.
I just saw my doctor the other day and I hope things will get better.
I am just glad I was able to help myself.
I have not had a cigarette since I quit. I cannot stand the smell of smoke. I am so thankful to Chantix that I was able to use there medicine and quit. I was a 3 pack a day smoker for 36 years. I smoked through my 6 pregnancies and never went one day without smoking. Would I use Chantix again? yes.
I would prefer to take the chances of the side effects than to spend another day smoking. Good luck to all and be carefull with the effects of when you stop taking Chantix.

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