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Xanax kicks in very fast. You should expect to feel it around 15 min after taking it on an [B]empty[/B] stomach. I [B]really[/B] recommend not taking it with food, as this can greatly decrease it's effect. I am also on Chantix and Xanax. Although, I have been taking Xanax for years. One thing to keep in mind is that Xanax is in the family of drugs called benzodiazapines. Also in the same family are Valium, Ativan, and Klonopin among others. Any drug in this family, especially Xanax, has a [B][U]well-documented[/U][/B] reputation to become less effective as you build up tolerance. The amount of time [B]greatly[/B] depends on the person. So keep in mind that if your dosage of Xanax seems to become less effective, your doctor [B]can[/B] [I](and almost always will)[/I] up your dosage. The maximum dosage a Doctor will give you is 2mg. And that dosage is considered a HIGH dosage. Whatever you do, when asking to up your dosage, keep in mind that doctors are always watching out for a pattern of addiction to Xanax. Hope this has helped you. And good luck quitting! - David ;)
lol oddly enough i already had xanax here at home due to panic dissorder, i started chantix sat. so am in day three, the closer i get to my quit date the more it scares me, i want to quit and i need to quit but i am so afraid of failure i know that sounds odd, i also have this feeling of loseing a friend is that bad? I have smoked for almost 20 years and the more i read on these boards the more i see i am kind of a smokeing baby compaired to most of you. but i want to say thank you to all who have posted about their success it gives me hope. right now i am slowly cutting down the amounts i have daily i have noticed just with the one pill the desire isnt quit as strong i was shocked today when i had noticed i went 6 hours and hadnt grabbed one and today had been a stressful day. i havent noticed anxiety from the chantix just like i said fear of failure, and it seems i am haveing trouble finding things to do with my hands any suggestions?
Chrochet, knit, crossword puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles helped to keep me busy. Clean the bathrooms just do something. I was nervous about the quit too but just "take the bull by the horns" and put them down. It will be a daily fight and sometimes hour to hour by you can do this because I did it! Some where somebody is just betting that you can't do this! I bet you can!! Everything you did with cigs you can do without cigs. Cigarettes change nothing and help no situations. They will try to suck you back in but you are the one in charge!! Keep us informed on your progress!

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