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I started taking Chantix on Jan. 25. I quit smoking Feb. 1. While I've had a few cigarettes since then, I haven't had any enjoyment from them. I even passed by a cigarette someone had left in the stair-well, pleased that a few days later it was still there but had been crushed.

However, I quit Chantix Feb. 10 because I began to feel groggy and slow. Even now, 5 days after both my last cigarette and my last pill, I feel brain damaged. I've missed a day of work and have been falling asleep at my desk the other days. I get lost in ordinary conversation. This may or may not be linked to sleeping 4 hours a night for the last 2 weeks.

So, my doctor prescribed Xanax, though I'm afraid to start taking it. Xanax is scary and I have no idea how it will really affect me, especially with this brain fog from the Chantix.

My questions boil down to these:

[*]Will Xanax help with the brain fog or lack of sleep?
[*]How long is the brain fog supposed to last?

Even now I'm feeling extremely twitchy and a bit anxious, so maybe the Xanax will help. However, my brain feels covered in lead. My doctor won't give me any input about the side-effects of Chantix, and I'm really worried about this. If it doesn't clear up soon, it's going to be hard to keep my job.

PS: If I had known it was a [i]dopamine[/i] agonist I would have thought twice about taking it, except I have actually quit smoking. I have experience with SNRIs and I prefer to not take anything resembling one.

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