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I agree,
when you're ready to quit, you will. but if you only feel guilt which I can tell you're doing and you're punishing yourself mentally by saying you KNOW you shouldn't smoke and even though you think if your kids, it's not enough to make you want to stop.
you smoke very little at this point, but enough to put the drug into your system and your system being human, will always want more of the drug when your body goes down low on the nicotine. your psycological addiction seems to take over mostly in the evening when you have your tea.
you will have to do away with the tea and do something totally different to change your schedule so your mind won't remember having that cigarette at that time of day.
also, guilt alone will not make a person quit.. what I mean is, because it's a very powerful addictive drug, you can't help it that your addicted to cigarettes. the nicotine and other chemicals in it are so darn addictive and the fact you enjoy smoking will make it even harder to quit.
only when you've made up your mind to do it, will you do it.
I highly recommend the nicotine patches. I myself am experiencing quitting smoking as i"m typing this. It's been 13 days now that I stopped smoking.

I am so greatful that the state I live in offers free patches to people who are really serious about quitting smoking. you get a two week supply and the money you would've spent on cigarettes those 2 weeks is put towards the next package of patches. this way it makes it possible to get the cessation started.
some need that initial push.
it's not the nicotine that gives you lung cancer, but the tobacco,tars and all the other harmful agents they put into tobacco that harm the lungs and other organs of your body.
just by your skin absorbing the nicotine in the patches does not harm your lungs. It's the smoke that you're inhaling into your lungs.

another thing that helps me when an urge comes on,is that I tell myself that the urge only lasts for a split second compared to the length of time it would take to smoke a whole cigarette which takes minutes.
so just knowing that my uncomfortablness will only last a duration of a second or two is shorter than the time to actually smoke the darn cigarette takes.

anyway, I wish all the people that are thinking about quitting or the people who just started quitting the strength and determination we need and to never forget the reason why we quit to begin with.
don't laugh. I actually forget the reasons why I quit to begin with when the urge comes to want a cigarette.
so from time to time i have to remind myself why I don't want to smoke anymore.
it's a drug and drug addiction is not just stopped in one day at the snap of a finger. it takes work and determination.

Good Luck everyone, I wish you all a happy and smoke free life.


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