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Hi jackie

My smoking friends and I have been treated like lepers as most smoking people have been for the last few years. Little by little, we have all quit smoking. All but one friend. For me, I got sick a couple of years ago with a weird virus. I coughed and coughed and it hurt so bad. I didn't smoke for 2 or 3 days. Then I forced myself to smoke a little as I missed it and I was addicted to nicotene. That was scary! Here I was so sick and trying to figure out how I could smoke. Well, when I felt better, sure enough, I smoked as much as ever forgetting how sick I was. I wished they would raise the price of a carton of cigarettes to $100 a carton. I thought maybe that would make me quit (I wonder if it would). I knew I should quit. I moved my parents here with me a couple of years ago. My mom has had copd for several years. Now even with oxygen, she can hardly breathe. She suffers so much. When Chantix came out and I heard of people quitting smoking, I gave it a try. It was hard at times with the side effects, but it was working. I thought there is no turning back now. Even though occasionally I would like to have a cigarette, my hope is everyone quits smoking and the tobacco companies go broke. I resent that the cigs made me addicted!

You can do it!!! Yes, you can. It takes more than willpower. What do non smokers know about it? Here's to all of us who want to be healthier and smell better!!
Good luck

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