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If one quites multiple times, I read that each time can be different. so if it was hard the last time they attemtped it, this time can be easier. so it's best to always go in thinking that this attempt will be easier. this concept of thinking in a positive way will help me when I begin to stop smoking this weekend.

I stopped for 7 months the last time and I drank a few alcoholic beverages and I thought I could just have one or two and not effect me. well that was a big mistake on my part. because once an addict, always an addict. smoking is just as much an addiction like doing drugs, because nicotine is a drug.
they say the addiction to cigarettes is harder than stopping heroin.
cigarettes being the hardest to stop.

I also read that one has to stop a full year in order to be considered a non smoker.
I also found that once the thought of wanting a cigarette hit's our mind, just shut out the thought as if a stop sing was put in front of your face. just get the idea out of your mind as fast as it enters the mind. it really works.

because the length of time it takes for your desire to appear before it goes away is a lot lesser in time than it is to smoke an entire cigarette.
it takes longer to smoke the cigarette than the thought to want to smoke enters our mind.
I don't know about you, but for me that sounds darn good.

If I KNOW the pain and uncomfortableness goes away within a few seconds I can deal with the desire better when it approaches.

also I chew gum, suck on lollipops, and try to stop the routines I used to do when smoked. clean out your car and make it smell nice again.
also, for woman, I find that my hair smelled so fresh as if I just got out of the shower when I didn't smoke, compared to when I smoke, my hair smells immediatly like smoke. my coats, clothing, everthing smells like smoke.

imagine this..... have you ever experienced a house fire on a street days after the event took place, that you can STILL smell the smoke from the fire. everything that was in that house at the time of the fire has to be thrown out because it was in the smoke.
that's exactly what we're doing when we smoke. we're inhaling smoke which is like inhaling the smoke of a fire. it gets all over our hair, our clothes and what ever was in touch with the smoke.

I stay away from the chantix and there's another drug they take to quit smoking. there is a warning that they can cause seizures. I found this out to be very true.
a coworkers female cousin was getting ready to go to go sleep but forgot to do soemthing down stairs. her husband realized alot of time has gone by and his wife still didn't come back upstairs. he went to look for her.
guess what? she was down in the basement unconsious. they don't know if she slipped and hit her head. she was almost in a coma like state for months. she had brain damage and didn't know who her family was. all she could do was sit in a chair and do nothing.
the doctors found out afterwards that she was taking that prescription to stop smoking. it was what caused her to have a seizure. so I warn everyone now.

it also happened to an older man who was taking it too. he had a seizure and the dr's didn't know why. they found out he was on chantix or hte other drug similar to it.

be careful and do alot of research and read the small print that comes on teh info sheet that's put on the bottle of the medicine.

I found a wonderful site that has tones of information on how to quite. tips, etc. I found it out to be very helpful indeed the last time I attemtped to quit.

I found out too more and more desires to smoke hit me than it did when I first quit . I thought it was supposed to be easier as time went on, not harder!
I don't understand why this occurs?

I can't stand the taste of cigarettes anymore like I used to. I get so sick from them the first one in the morning that I wait as long as I can go to have it.
my body is telling me I"m ready to quite. so that's why I did a quit day.

it helps alot better to pick a date to quit.

any other suggestions on what to do while not smoking would be a great help to me.
thank you all for your inspiration and positive input.


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