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You need to change your name to Happy Camper because (in my opinion) YOU ARE NOW A NON SMOKER. WhooHooo!!!!!:) I can't answer your questions about the commit because I took Chantix but (here again only my opinion), the lozenges can't be nearly as bad for you as smoking is. Yes, you probably can become addicted to them because they contain nicotine but I wouldn't worry about that right now. If they work for you and keep you from smoking then so be it. You can wean yourself off of them in time. You don't have all those cancer causing chemicals going into your lungs and that's wonderful. You can do this, you really can. If it gets tough, get on this message board and read and write until it passes. We're here and we've all been where you are. I'm 5 days short of 4 months quit and I do a happy dance everyday. It's the best choice I've made for myself in a long time.
Good luck!

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