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I'm one of those people who do not think smoking is a chemical addiction. I smoked because I liked to. I smoked three packs a day and smoked all the time. I even smoked while in the shower. I considered it a habit which I liked. It gave me a break from things that were bad, from the cold weather or anything. It just gave me something to do with my hands and kept me busy. I felt "in charge' with myself. I was good at smoking. I could do all the tricks with smoking. I was part of a special crowd..the doers... not one of the "lesser" people. I worked hard and exercised and was in good shape. Most things were accomplished by smokers rather than non-smokers. Doctors told me to quit smoking and I ignored them. I knew better. It was my thing to smoke and I wouldn't be "me" if I didn't. I just kept puffing away. Of course things went downhill. This is just to illustrate that I was a heavy smoker. I quit. When you really want to'll quit. I wanted to. It took a number of tries and the stop smoking classes were a joke so I had to find another way. My wife and I quit the same way at about the same time. We reduced out smokes per day down to nothing. The we found something to do to take the place of the cigarette and smoking. I used a large bag of jelly beans and she used lemon drops. If we wanted a cigarette we would just suck on the jelly bean or lemon drop. We used a lot of jelly beans and lemon drops. Finally the need to smoke was gone. And we never smoked again. This is one way to quit smoking but the main thing is that you really have to want to quit. Its only hurting you and no one else really cares. Take charge of yourself and stop smoking. You'll be so glad you did.

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