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I took Chantix for 4 weeks before I quit smoking. Side effects: nausea after I smoked too many cigarettes with coffee, nightmares, rage, weight gain. I didn't set a quit date when I started Chantix so I smoked until I felt like I could quit. For 3 days, I cut back on the amount that I smoked and then I just quit. I continue with the Chantix for another 2 weeks but had to get off cause I was mad all the time. Everyone sure got stupid when I was talking it. I quit smoking May 21 and been off Chantix since June 4, after smoking pack a day for 30 years. I haven't smoke since and hopefully, I won't ever again. I will be glad when all the side effects of Chantix wear off but after reading some post, we may have to live with these the rest of our lives. The rage is the hardest to deal with. Could be my hormones. Weight gain, even though, I feel that I'm not eating anymore than before. Maybe it's because I'm actually smelling the food now. It's nice to be able to walk 20 steps without wheezing for breath.

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