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Zyban is the same thing as Wellbutrin. Just labeled under a different name. I too am considering taking Wellbutrin to help me quit. I have known people who have used Wellbutrin and they completely kicked the habit. One person said he didn't even realize he had quit, it just happened. No serious withdrawal or anything. That sounds good to me. Good luck with your decision to quit.

Well nice of all of you for your replys. I finnally think I will try Wellbutrin first, funny I thought Zyban was the same molecule but not as strong or something like that.

If I can't stand the side effects (dry mouth is the worst for me with antidepressants), I'll then try Chantix as they both seem to cut the craves wich is the most important part as far as I am concerned. I'll let you know how it goes, thanks again

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