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Hoady and every other smoker who wants to quit,

I don't know if I'm permitted to give the name of a website that should be absolutely mandatory for all people to read who want to quit smoking.

It's not all about taking people away from this wonderful health board, but to give people free information and knowledge of WHY they smoke and HOW to stop once and for all successfully!!

This is just an aid to help people get the information they need to give them the ammunition they need to remain smoke free.

The man who's responsible for giving all this free information to help save millions of people's lives is "Joel".
He's an angel as far as I'm concerned sent by God to give us the knowledge we need to arm ourselves with so that we don't kill ourselves or others around us from second hand smoke.

I've been smoking now since I've been 16 yrs old. I'm now 48. I've attempted quitting multiple times,before they never even had patches or sprays or gums to help aid us in quitting.
this guy Joel says the best way to do it is [B][I]"cold turkey".[/I][/B]

I know this sounds barbaric, but in the long run, it's the quickest and easiest method to detox from the drug called nicotine and other harmful toxins and poisons and chemicals that are in tobacco.

"The First 72 Hours"

Why Our Prior Quits Failed

A permanent successful quit is not nearly as dependent upon planning as it is upon learning. None of our prior quits failed because we selected the wrong quit date. They failed because we failed to understand and master the core principles underlying our chemical dependency upon nicotine.
It doesn’t take brute strength or raw courage to quit for the up to 72 hours that may be necessary for the human body to become 100% nicotine clean and chemical withdrawal to peak in intensity.

Instead, it takes [B]education, understanding,[/B] [B]keeping your core motivations for quitting fresh and vibrant, development of a one day at a[/B] [B]time outlook in which you see each hour, challenge, and day of healing and freedom as the full and complete victory each milestone truly reflects, while following only one rule - no nicotine today, Never Take Another Puff !
[B][I]Rule #1[/I][/B] - Put Your Education First![/B]

Joel’s Library contains over 90 short clinic articles.
Since 1972 Joel Spitzer has devoted his life to teaching nicotine dependency prevention and cessation. His Chicago based programs are recognized as some of the most effective anywhere. I strongly encourage you to read and take notes on his entire library . This is all for FREE! Nothing is for free anymore, so I was amazed to find this helpful information. When I stopped smoking back in 2005 after having major surgery and I couldn't smoke in the hospital, upon returning home, my urges started full force, so I went on line to a support board I belonged to at the time and they had a section there under quitting smoking and that's where I learned to back myself up with information of why I was feeling the urges and that the urge for a cigarette lasts shorter than the amount of time it would take to smoke an entire cigarette. Just knowing that helped me calm down and not pick up a cigarette.
just knowing the urge was only for a few seconds helped me hold on. I wouldn't have known this stuff if I didn't have knowledge and understanding of the addiction to cigarettes.
[B] Knowledge truly is power. [/B]

Joel feels knowledge is the key to quitting and staying smoke free. After all, why then do so many people come to boards asking for help on how to quit? People are always asking if anyone has any tips when the urges come and how to make their quit easier.

Well I have found all this out and want to share this with every smoker.

As I said at the beginning of my post here, I am NOT here to take away people from this board. I LOVE this board and have been a member here for years !
I am excited to have finally found a way to help us quit smoking and want to share it with others. There's too many things to click onto to learn. It's a library full of information and impossible for me to come and tell everyone all the info. that's why I want permission to give the name of the website if allowed.

There's also a tip sheet that I"m sure anyone who wants to quit will find useful.
Here are the just SOME of the things there to read about:

1. The Law of Addiction

2. Twenty Basic Quitting Tips

3. Developing Quit Patience - Just One Day at a Time

4. Focusing on Victory Here and Now

5. Correcting Low Blood Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

6. Ex-smokers Need Less Caffeine for Same Effect

7. Using Attitude to Reduce Quit Anxiety

8. Don't Expect Your Educated Quit to Be Difficult

9. Master Your Mind's Junkie Thinking

10. Reconditioning Your Mind's Crave Habit Triggers

11. Learning to Relax and Embrace Your Craves

12. Have at Least Three Crave Coping Plans

13. Quit for Yourself, Not for Others

14. Get Rid of All Your Cigarettes

15. Focus Upon the Positive Changes that Will Occur

16. Prepare Your Mind for Being Around Other Smokers

17. Withdrawal is Just Your Stepping Stone to Comfort

18. Create Your Own Zero Tolerance Relapse Policy

19. Master the Lessons in Joel's Library of Clinic Articles

20. Mastering the Principles of Nicotine Addiction

21. Download a Free Quit Statistics Meter

Well, I hope I was able to help other smokers who want to quit.

Trying to quit smoking is one of the hardest addictions I've ever encountered in the 48 yrs of my life! I want to stop the nicotine industries from murdering people.
so if it's about telling people about a library FULL of helpful information on how to quit, then I hope I've done my job as an individual on this earth before I die of complications related to smoking nasty, disgusting cigarettes.

I'm on the same journey you are on Hoady and if you need someone to chat with here to help make it easier, I'll be here.



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