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Hi, I'm new to the board and new on Chantix. Luckily, my insurance covered the whole thing (I have the green box starter pack).

For the first 7 days, I felt nothing. This concerned me because I do seem to be immune to some drugs (for example, the only headache medicine that works for me is Excedrin; I was on Wellbutrin first for 21 days and I felt absolutely no different). I'm worried that Chantix will be the same way...that it's just not affecting me. I was hoping for the vivid dreams or even a little nausea if it meant that Chantix was working.

On Day 8, I noticed some difference when I started taking the blue bills. For a few hours after taking the pill (always with a large meal and water), my head feels a little fuzzy. And I desire water and I feel slightly bloated. I feel like I could go without a cigarette. They don't taste bad, just not as satisfying. Still, I want them. I went from 7pm to 10pm without a cigarette. I also went to bed at 10pm without having one. I woke up 3 times in the night because I was dreaming about wanting a cigarette. When I woke up at 8am, I still had those "nicotine withdrawal" feelings and needed a cigarette. I had a few and I normalized.

Does this mean that the Chantix hasn't fully kicked in yet? It seems like the blue pill at dinner wore off and when it did, I started to have nicotine withdrawal.

I plan to try and quit on Monday (tomorrow) since I won't just be home sitting around the house with nothing to do. I've decided not to tell anyone when I plan to quit. They know I am on the Chantix, but I don't feel like them asking if I quit on my Quit Date and having to feel guilty and tell them no.

I'm not sure if I really am having any side effects (or effects at all), other than the fuzzy head (and its really not that bad). The bloating could be because of what I ate, or drinking too much water. I get a lot of headaches typically, and the fuzzy head could be a "light headache".

I'm a chain smoker, and there are a lot of things I associate with smoking, from having one when I get up, having one after a shower or brushing my teeth (I cannot explain those), being on the Internet or watching television. I love to smoke. However, I've had bronchitis 3 times already and its not even "deep winter" here in Michigan yet. Every year, I seem to get sick more and stay sick for longer periods.

Recently, I told my sister that I wanted to quit and it somehow got to that I asked if she could smell the cigarette some on my daughter. She told me that she could, that it smelled like my daughter (who's 3 years old) was a smoker. I keep replaying that in my mind to try and motivate myself. Not only I am I hurting myself, I am hurting the most precious thing in my life. Its not fair to her. I want to be around for a long time (my own father died when I was 8 due to alcohol...but he was also a heavy smoker...he was 58).

I'm 27. I've only been smoking for 7 years (I started when I was 20 and lived with my mom and she stressed me out a lot and I learned to pick up a cigarette rather than learn to cope in a healthy way).

So my questions are:

When could I expect to find cigarettes tasting bad or not be interested in smoking?

...OR is this the extent of the "effects" and the rest is up to me?

Has anyone else not really experienced a difference (or much of one) on Chantix?

I realize its not a "poof, I hate smoking" kind of thing, but based on all the things I've read from other Chantix users on many web sites, I thought the drug would be more obvious in its effects, rather than very subtle and imperceptible.

If it turns off the nicotine receptors in my brain so that cigarettes aren't come I still enjoy them? I may not enjoy them as much, but I still enjoy them.

Any help or answers would be appreciated. And if you read all this, thank you.


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