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Re: Stopping again
Feb 14, 2009
If you fail, just keep quitting. It took me about 4 tries before I finally gave it up. My Achilles heel is that I would quit cold turkey for a week, then bum a cigarette knowing that I got through the worst of it, and therefore was "safe". Then I'd go back to smoking again. I did this for a year.

The reason that over 90% of the time people fail when they try to quit smoking is that they do - but they try again, and again, and again. Eventually you'll get it right. It's really easy to quit, you just don't put a cigarette into your mouth. The question is - do you really want to quit more than you want to alleviate the discomfort as you get off your addiction?

Instead of quitting on the 18th, quit now. Just remember what a stupid drug it is. You don't get a high from it, you just need to smoke to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. It's the most insidious drug in that once you become accustomed to it, what you associate with feeling "calm" or "focused" when you smoke, it merely how you would NORMALLY feel if you didn't smoke. I hate this stupid drug.

I quit for my 4th time about a week or so ago, and I had all a lot of symptoms which is why I found this board. I had constipation, chest pain (still do a bit), rapid heartbeat, cold sweats, waking up in the middle of the night, lots of coughing (that's almost done), and some mood swings. What is important to remember is that these aren't symptoms of quitting smoking - they are symptoms BECAUSE of smoking. I'd never have gone through this if 4 years ago, I wasn't stupid, and took up smoking so I could get temporary buzzes so I could work later at night. The useful effects only lasted 2 weeks, but the addiction lasted 4 years. I used to smoke a little in college so when I took up smoking again at 34 (I'm 38 now) I immediately picked up my old habits of smoking when I went to bars or when I needed a break from work.

I will certainly be successful this time although I'm certain you're reading this thinking "yeah sure- this is his 4th try..."

I've now quit enough times to not want to go through it again. Keep a good record of what it feels like when you quit as you are doing it and just remember, you'll have to go through that AGAIN eventually if you take it up again. In 2 weeks, you're pretty much home free with just sporadic desire for a smoke and it's pretty easy to say no then.

As a suggestion, I recommend you start exercising now. The reason is that when you do quit, you'll realize just how bad smoking is for you. I bike, and have biked for the entire time I smoked - 12 miles a day to work and back, every day. Now, I smoked 10 cigarettes a day, and I'd average about 15 MPH to work while I was smoking. In just 1 week of quitting, I'm up to 18. I have hopes I'll be back to my college days of 21 in a few weeks. The difference in endurance is astounding.

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