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last time i quit i didnt go from the first day i quit, a tottal of 7 days. i got so constipated that i ended up in the hospital. i had abdominal pain, and i started to bleed. i tried a laxitive...nothing. i tried a suppository...nothing. tried an enema...nothing. so i went to the hospital because of the pain and bleeding. about 10 minutes before i was called back i decided what the heck, might as well try it. the first cig, i could feel everything move. i got another cig had i didnt even finish that one, had to RUN inside! i was empty in about 2 hours!
this time i am on my 4th day with out a cig. the first 2 days i was fine. yesterday nothing. this morning...struggling. i would like to seriously know if anyone else has this prob when they quit?
i dont want to smoke anymore. i hate the way i feel when i smoke. i get angry with myself. i get really depressed. i have no energy. and although i have had another prob for about 5 yrs (it started when i had my daughter, and i was not smoking at the time) this pain on the left side of my chest. i cant tell if its in my breast or my chest. recently the left side of my face tingles along with the left side of my tongue. tingling down my left arm. ive had swelling in my hands for a while, but it has recently gotten worse. ive had a stress test, an ekg, all that and my heart and lungs are fine, they say it is nerve damamge from an injury. but whi knows i dont want to take a chances.
the docs told me that it was diet related. however i eat tons of vegies and fruit, grains, water. i eat meat, but not much. they really tried to convince me that it was not directly related to quitting smoking. now that i am struggling again, i am tempted to save my self a trip to the doc and get a cig. im already having abdominal pain again. hubby sas that i should have one a day until my body gets used to having little to no nicotine. (he does not smoke anymore) if anyone has had this prob, and has any ideas how to get past this horrible part, any suggestions would be great. i dont feel like seeing another doc, or taking anymore meds.

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