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Hi everyone, I am new here and am hoping I can find someone with a similar issue. I am 30 days smoke-free today after smoking for about 17 years. I went through the coughing up mucus and feeling down, sleepless nights, strange and vivid dreams, and crabbiness but thankfully not getting too ill like some people do. My concern is that since quitting I have to constantly take a good deep breath (kinda like a deep sigh). I first thought maybe it's psychological and I am learning how to breath again, then I thought my body is just changing since I no longer have nicotine in my system. Its been a month and I am doing great with the cravings but why the deep breaths? I was recently hospitalized for a bad bad cold and severe dehydration, hence the reason I quit, and according to doctors my lungs sounded and looked very good. I find it a little annoying that I feel the urge to take deep breaths constantly. If anyone is going or has gone through this and has some sort of explanation I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks all and have a great day :)

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