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Try not to worry about it or you will give yourself psychosomatic effects. Just go with the flow and see how your own body reacts to it.

I took it beginning in Oct. 1, 2007, quit by Dec. 15, and stayed on the med until near the end of Jan. 2008 because I was afraid of feeling the need to start again, but when I did go off it, I had absolutely no desire to smoke at all! I even went through what I call the year of hell (2008) where my husband was arrested for some petty stupid crime, and we worried about that for months, and then my mom passed away in July, and my dad passed away in December ON the exact same day I quit smoking a year before! But ironically, I had absolutely no desire to start up again through all of that. In fact, now when I see people smoking or I smell it somewhere, it disgusts me. It's kind of like the Chantix is still working after all this time.

My husband started using it shortly after I did, but when he was arrested as I mentioned earlier, he started up again as soon as he was released and he didn't start it again until July. I believe he was on it when my mom died, and then he quit in September, 2008 and he is quit for good as well, though the cigarettes from others don't disgust him like they do me. He smoked 3 packs a day for 12 years and I smoked one pack a day for 18 years.

Neither of us had any side effects. I had no dreams or anything else. I think he had dreams, but he normally has freaked out dreams, and the Chantix made his dreams normal! LOL!

But yeah, don't worry so much about it, just think like you're not on it or something and live your life normally. And personally, I do not believe in the "quit after one week" thing. I think that is way too hard. IMO, you will be on the med for 12 weeks, give it time to work, and after awhile, the cigarettes won't even taste good anymore and you won't want them. It works itself so you give up the cigs without even trying.

GOOD LUCK! And don't give up!

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