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i stopped smoking by using chantix and feel like it is a wonder drug. make sure to take the pills with food - otherwise you will get nauseous. i honestly had NO side effects (like you i heard tons of stories). i kept forgetting to take it at night and realized that i only needed half the dose for it to continue working. i started on chantix last november. at 3 months when i went in to see my GP and she asked me how my smoking was going i told her how great chantix was and that i had completely quit. however, i told her i only needed half the dose so i was still using it and still not smoking. she told me it was not tested for use longer than a duration of 3 months and i needed to stiop using it :(. i was afraid to go off of it and afraid i would begin smoking again (i have a lot of friends that smoke and on chantix i had no desire). so she gave me wellbutrin instead. i still consider myself a non smoker but after i quit using chantix i go the old cravings back and it is still hard to not smoke around my smoking friends or when i am drinking. i would love it if they did studies for longer use of chantix. but overall it worked great for me. keep up the good work and good luck!

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