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[QUOTE=covergirl38;4615881]I have an addictive personality - i was addicted to food

-[COLOR="Blue"]Everyone needs food I would just use it in moderation thats all.[/COLOR]

still am to chocolate,

[COLOR="blue"]This addiction if too severe is said to give people more sore throats, colds, flu and leaves a person more susceptible to infections.[/COLOR]

lol, i became a social alcoholic

[COLOR="Blue"]Everyone needs some sociability as long as they keep a monogamous relationship with one and friendships only with all the rest it is probably ok.[/COLOR]

and a gambling addict.

[COLOR="blue"]In my opinion this addiction is undesirable for a persons bank account as you probably know and people can do something else with the money like save it for something they need. Have you ever sat down and done some accounting to figure out how much money you spend on alcohol, drugs and tobacco per month and year? If a person doesn't need any thing the money could be donated to those starving kids in Africa who could use the money for food.[/COLOR]

It got so bad that I literally had a nervous break down because my body was starting to feel weird after I would drink. So, I started taking anxiety meds and with those it forced me to stop drinking so much.

[COLOR="Blue"]The psychological motivations for you might include things like knowing that alcohol can cause a person to have a distressing body to live with later. Things that can happen when people drink include esophageal varisces with bleeding to death. Drinking can cause scarring of the liver. According to the doctors drugging can cause brain damage. ( maybe you have seen that advertisement with a frying pan and eggs frying in it and the advertisement said "This is your brain on drugs") It is said when a person has a blackout that one million brain cells have died.[/COLOR]

Too scared to take pills and drink.

[COLOR="blue"]Good I would not do that, you are right. A person might look for an aloholics anonymous group nearby and I think there is one for narcotics anonymous if I named it correctly which might help a person with this problem. Sometimes doctors are useful if a persons addiction is severe because they may need something to prevent seizures. [/COLOR]

So, now I will have a drink or two occasionally, but not to the excess that I used to. Gambling on occasion as well, but not as bad as it was - the two went hand in hand.

Well, now my only other crutch is the smoking and really it needs to stop.

[COLOR="blue"]Yes I believe you are right it needs to stop.[/COLOR]

I'm 38 and don't want to get cancer. I'm scared to death of it.

[COLOR="blue"]Yes I would be too.[/COLOR]

I'm also scared to death of quitting smoking -

[COLOR="blue"]A lot of people do it to the benefit of their health it is something to be happy about when done and not to be afraid of. You are an adult and you can do this.[/COLOR]

its my best friend.

[COLOR="blue"]A cigarette is a persons worst enemy destroying health and life. There are other diseases it can give a person besides cancer such as emphysema with the resultant struggle to breathe for the rest of a person's life.[/COLOR]

Its my alone time.

[COLOR="blue"]A person can do other things with alone time. A good educational book can help.[/COLOR]

I"m sure this question has been posted a zillion times, but really how do you do it?

[COLOR="blue"]Ok here is the summary of a free anti tobacco addiction program . One guy ate only oranges for 3 days and had no access to any tobacco equipment or even water or other food. Some people in the past, who got involved in a stop smoking program, even had a burial ceremony for their cigs, tobaccos, snuffs, wads and ash trays matches, lighters etc.! :D

It has been said that "you can't smoke in the shower" so when you get a craving a shower might help for that moment. It is said to remove toxins from the skin faster. It is said that 8 glasses or so of water is helpful to remove toxins from the cigarettes. Some people have also used herbal teas. Chamomile and st. Johns wort are said by some to be calming to nerves.

Natural gum can be chewed, one unusual person said in his opinion that a person could put a prune in the mouth, the unpitted type and fiddle with the seed afterward in the mouth to give the mouth something to do and might help with any constipation at the same time. If this is done however a person has to be careful with the pointed end of the seed so that it does not injure the roof of the mouth or the gums etc. some people chew on celery and carrot sticks.
straws can be played with in the hands and rubber bands can be fiddled with to give the hands something to do according to some.

Walking outside can get a person's circulation going and in one book I read is said to help purify the blood. It is said that a person should avoid those who smoke at that time. It is said that a thorough airing out of the living quarters with the outside air is needed and a thorough cleaning of everything about the home to remove cigarette odors and particles are needed. Some people say even a washdown of walls etc. could be included. That can help decrease a natural trigger already in the home.

they say it can also help a stay busy for awhile. They say a person should change the schedule and habits so that if a person usually gets up and has a cigarette first thing in the morning a person could change that habit to a shower first thing in the morning upon rising.

Some people have used psychological ploys about the cigarette itself saying to themselves eww this smells awful or eww this tastes terrible or STOP, I don't want to do that any more and I don't even want to think about it. They then proceed to think about other things.

This might be a bit difficult for a person psychologically but they say a person should change friends to those who do not drink, drug or smoke. This may also help a person get out of these habits easier since friends can sometimes influence and even pressure a person back out of healthy habits and into their old unhealthy ways. Some people find that quitting cigarettes cold turkey is best because it makes the time involved for quitting shorter in the long run and a person doesn't have to drag out more quitting days. [/COLOR]


[COLOR="blue"]Yeah they say drugs and alcohol can do that and if a person quits that life style he is less likely to have dizziness. A healthier lifestyle now could mean a healthier happier person in the future! :angel:[/COLOR]


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