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I am day 16 of taking chantix and 7 days not smoking. I have had no side effects at all. But, I know that it is working. I still want to smoke, but I can wait the craving out. And it keeps me from acting like a junkie- looking all over for cigg. (car seats/under carseats-ashtrays-even the garbage). I take a lot of deep breaths and actually cough dropos help me from wanting a cigg. and from wanting snacks all the time. lol
I will try the cough drops as I have been eating everything in sight, especially sugar! But I am still at it on Day 12 now of no cigarettes! I am applying AA principles and trying to take it one day at a time.
Good for you preese!!! Keep up the good work. I too am going 1 day at a time. Maybe we all just need to keep giving each other tips on what helps get over and through the cravings. We just need to hang on that rope and climb it to the top!!!

I need to get this out of my system I have been using chantix now for two weeks and while I have cut back [COLOR="Magenta"]a lot[/COLOR][COLOR="magenta"][COLOR="Black"]I am still smoking. I only smoked Three yesterday and four the day before... But I have yet to quit. Is there anyone out there who didn't quit in the first week? Wondering if I am just lame of something. Any advice would be appreciated.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

I stopped in the second week using the chantix. But I have read from people stopping in their 3rd week. I just picked a day and didn't smoke anymore after that. I still wanted to. I have not smoked now for 24 days, I still want one sometimes. All the chantix did for me was stop me from acting like a junkie, and looking for cig. and the car, under seats, even in the trash. You will do it! Just got to get it into your head.

Good Luck!

Yesterday has been 2 whole weeks! You are right it does take away the "junky" feelings. I have however gone down to one pill a day because I was having urinary and sleep issues. I even wet the bed one night YIKES! So far one pill is ok for me now that I have quit for good (I hope).

Does anyone else take one pill... I am wondering if I should take it at night or in the morning??? I have been taking it in the morning but it really upsets my stomach bad. To the point where I can not funtion for 2 hours after I take it or I will vomit.

Thanks again Stressy!

Hi Nichi,

It sounds like you are doing really great. At the end I cut down to one pill a day. It did not bother my stomach, so I guess for you it would be when you can handle that the best. I took mine in late afternoon because that is when I had the most cravings. I think it is all a mind thing.

Good luck!
First congratulations on not letting the nicotine devil make you a slave forever! I too have tried many times and ways to quit. Now I am on day five of the Chantix program and what I have noticed that I don't get any pleasurable feeling when I smoke now its kinda just going through the motions and making my throat hurt, Unfortunately it doesn't remove the obsession in our brains for cigs. That part will take time and determination, The scary part for me is the day I remove all tobacco products from around me, for me that will be in two or three days. So I know that I
will need alot of support. You can do this and so can I, its not easy but the rewards are great! Good luck to you & keep in touch if you like. Wishing you peace within
You know the day I finally quit was not to hard I chewed sunflower seeds and celery all day long . We can do this! This is day 29 of my non smoking life! Thhanks for all your kind words!
Nichi, Are you drinking the full glass of water with the pill? And I would drink water all day as well so the urinary problems don't happen too. I like that were all in this together, misery loves company? LOL Oh I just saw that you are on day 29! Are you still taking the Chantix?
Dhill Yes I have been on chantix since Nov.3 and now only take my morning pill due to the urinary issues this seems to work ok for me. Yes we are all in this together. I sure was drinking a lot of water but it still was causing the bladder trouble.
43 hours with no smoky-treat. Took me to the third week. Was able to smoke less and less but the craving still comes in waves. What I tell myself is that its my mind that wants it, not my body and that its going to taste like hell and I'm throwing away 43 hours.

As for the nausea with the pill, it lessens each day and I find you have to eat some carbs AND some protein (ham sandwich works great). Eat sandwich, half glass water down the gullet, pill down, sip rest of glass for half hour till its all down.

The dreams suck, the waking in the night sucks. Food is already tasting WEIRD. I ate a spicy chicken and fries from Wendy's today and was like , wow, is this what its supposed to taste like!?!?! Not used to it and not entirely in a good way.

You have to step down in steps, everything is something to learn...focus on just not smoking and driving for a few days, then focus on not having one right after dinner, then test drive a glass of wine knowing you're not having a smoke with it, you have to relearn everything so take your time.


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