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[QUOTE=Sammiepeeps;4658359]Hi all,
I happen to come across this site when I googled Chantix user support.

I'm just checking in to say hi and hope that I can learn a few things here from people who have used Chantix and quit. I've been a 1 pack a day smoker for 20 some years and I'm ready to quit. Hoping that I won't get some of the side effects that I've read about.

3rd day - not smoking as much, does taste kinda funny. Starting to put my ashtray away in between smokes.

I'll check in later! Good luck to all including me!! :eek:[/QUOTE]

Hey Sammie,
I actually came to this site reading if anyone is having the same side effects that I am having. I hate hate hate that I started smoking. I actually chewed tobacco for a lot of years and quit that about 6 months ago but started smoking. I did the Chantix last month and quit for 3 days but I also stopped taking the Chantix on my first quit day because I was not sleeping and the wild dreams kept me awake. So I started again two weeks ago. I can honestly say that on day 6 I still smoked as much and was thinking to myself "This isn't working" but the next day was my quit day and it has been a cakewalk if not for the sides. My suggestion is that you do set a quit day and that you really pump yourself up for that day. As for me I knew I couldnt quit on my own without help and wow this has been easy. I am on day 5 and can turn it down no problem. I have dealt with the sleep problem by taking a small dose of tylenol pm which works a little but the other day I was at the gym and I had a short heart palpitation which really worried me and I did not associate it with the Chantix. Yesterday while at the gym I had one and it has not gone away in 24 hours. Then I read about a lot of people having them while on Chantix. While I am not worried about my health I am considering quitting the Chantix because this is really bothersome. Hopefully I am at a point where I can be ok by myself. I am going snow skiing next week so that will be a good distraction. Good luck!!

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