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Gosh, I really don't know, Randy. I believe we all get cranky when we quit, no matter how we do it. I don't even know if docs prescribe Chantix with another mind-altering medication to be taken together.

I know my brother is bipolar and has some real anger issues, and Chantix is not an option for him.

Since you know going in what will probably pose a problem for you (anger/crankiness) and obviously have the support of your family, have you researched tips for dealing with the edginess of quitting? I mean, there's a whole spectrum of grouchiness, and I don't know where you might fit on it.

I think they used to prescribe Wellbutrin for quitting, and it's also an antidepressant, I believe. Used with patches or gum, could that be an option for you?

I'd talk to your physician (you'd have to see one to get Chantix anyway), as well as any quit smoking counselors you can reach. Our state has a "quit line," and I think the American Lung Association has professionals you can talk to about specifically dealing with edginess, grouchiness and anger. Your mom would be a valuable resources, too, I'm sure with quit support resources and different ways to cope.

For me, it helped quitting with someone in my house. We were both just pissed off together, lol. Sleep helped (we slept a lot the first week quit), as well as video games to pass the time and keep our hands and minds occupied. Not sure if these things might come in handy for you, too.

Best of luck :)

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