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Initially my biggest concern with Chantix was the mental health warnings (why I didn't quit cigs a while ago). Doctor didn't seem concerned and wrote me a script for Xanax to go with if I needed it. Started taking the Chantix, the night of day 1 on week 2 (first day you go to 1mg x 2) I smoked my last cigarette. I am now halfway through week 1 of the second box.

I can't say I've had any real mental health issues. I never usually remember dreams but have remembered at least one each night, sometimes they are rather weird but nothing crazy like when I took Paxil.

Besides remembering dreams and them being occasionally odd the biggest issue I have is my mental awareness. I feel like I am off daydreaming all the time. I also feel queasy, some anxiety and generally "off." Don't know how else to put it I just feel like my machinery is not performing optimally so to speak. Both my mind and body are in the clouds I guess.

I have not had any relapses since I stopped smoking, my cravings are minimal, mostly in the morning when I have coffee. I smoked a 1-1.5 packs a day since I was 18, 29 now, with 2 total quit attempts of 6 months and another of 1 year in there both cold turkey, and one failed attempt that never got off the ground with the patch.

I feel that Chantix is becoming something of a hazard, especially driving. The Xanax addresses the anxiety (of course) but I am limited to taking that until I am home for the day as it only exasperates the other problems I am having with Chantix and I am not a fan of xanax in general.

If I were to stop taking Chantix before the 3 months should I expect stronger cravings? Is it better to taper off or quit outright? Should I just deal with it? Hoping someone can help me out. Paying for the 3rd month isn't a problem really just the side affects that bother. I will say that stopping ciggs this time was enormously easier with Chantix than when I stopped cold turkey and I am grateful but I feel like I am through the worst and could take it on my own from here just don't know what to expect if I stop.

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