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Hi there,

You gave it a very good shot and you are not a failure. Quitting smoking is tough, I should know I am on week 4 but unlike yourself I used nicotine aids ( patches and gum). Yeah I know going cold turkey is the best way but I have tried a few times before and failed.

This time I am doing better but, like yourself I knew having a drink was going to be a tough time and a danger point. I talked to a buddy of mine who has quit for 2 years and he said he never thought he would be able to enjoy a drink without a cig but he can do now. I found a way around it, which seems to work for me, an e-cig. Yep I know I look a bit of dork using it but it really did work for me and to date I have been free of real cigs for 4 weeks. I only use the e-cig when I have a drink, which is only at the weekend. Maybe it won't work for everybody but it as for me.

Good luck for any future quit, heck if I can do it so can you. I smoked for 30 years plus, sometimes over 20 a day, an hardened smoker some would say. But I have made it this far. Good luck to you.


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