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[B]I am a 29 y/o female and I need to have a D&C done to remove a polyp on my uterus. It's surgery and they prefer to use anesthesia on someone who needs it because it is excruciating to get it done without I have heard. My appointment to speak with a surgeon. I will most likely have my surgery within the month after that.
If I completely stop smoking now will my body heal enough for the surgery? I know smoking decreases blood flow and can actually cause pneumonia after surgery due to breathing issues. My mother died in June of colon cancer and she did have a surgery. She did fine with the anesthesia and was a heavy smoker prior, but I do not know if I will fine as I think it varies from person to person. I want to quit but how long until I start to heal?
I have been smoking for about 13 years. I do want to quit because I do not wish to die from cigarettes. I want to do well with my surgery and recovery.

If there is anyone who quit cold turkey then what was it like? Does stress increase greatly because of it? I have been under a great deal of stress lately and I'm not afraid of more I was just wondering because I do have a lot of stress. What did you do to help relieve the stress from quitting? I have suffered several massive panic attacks. Techniques? If I quit now will my surgery be okay? Is it too late to quit?
This is very hard. I was reading about surgery and smoking and smokers do not usually do well with surgery. I want to stop but I need some support. I am sorry to sound like a worry wart. I just want to have all my worries under control before I go in for surgery.[/B]

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