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Hi people,:wave: I took chantix, to quit smoking. I took it for a total of 9 weeks and just stopped taking it at the end of that period. Felt that I didn't need to take it anymore. Unable to sleep well and mental fog most of the day. Everything was fine for the first 5 days after stopping. Didn't feel like smoking and felt OK. but started feeling weird in last week, depressed, tired, angry, nervous, short-tempered. I am worried that the med did something to my brain [U]or[/U] I am experiencing a normal effect of not having smoked regularly for over two months. Also, I slipped twice while on the meds and one time off of them, yesterday morning. Yesterday was really bad day for me, I just had to have a cigarette and I couldn't talk myself out of it---I smoked it---and it made me sick to my stomach. Everything that I have read on nicotine addiction tells me that 1 cig is going to cause a complete relapse. Anyone have experience with slips on Chantix and even after and yet, continued successfully with their quit? In other words, if I really commit to not smoking, does the slip have to lead to smoking again? And has anyone experienced what they think might be side effects, mood changes, depression [U]after[/U] you stopped taking the drug? Thanks in advance for your help.

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