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Don't be embarassed to be a smoker who wants to quit - that is amazing! There are so many people who have this same struggle each and every single day - you are not alone.

I smoked for 12 years, and have been a non-smoker for 18 years. Some days it seems as though I've never smoked, other days it seems as though it was just yesterday. I quite by using the patch, back when the only way to get them was through prescription and insurances didn't cover them! My doctor insisted and I decided to go along with him to get him off my back. Once I did the patch thing, I planned on going back to smoking. What I didn't bank on? The withdrawals on the patches made me so sick - light-headed, dizzy, nauseous - I just wanted off the patches. When I spoke to my doctor about how ill I felt, his words to me? "Didn't you feel bad when you first started smoking?" "Yeah, I guess." "Then what makes you think you're not going to feel bad when you get this poison out of your system?" I did remember how sick I felt when I first started smoking, but I struggled through with it then and for what? To possibly end up with lung disease?

I ended up going off the patches 2 weeks early, and the physical symptoms cleared up shortly after. The psychological symptoms took longer. But everytime I thought I wanted a cig with my coffee or after a meal or when I was having a drink, I simply thought about how absolutely, completely terrible I had felt and I knew I never wanted to feel that way ever, ever again. It was far easier to learn other habits and other ways to keep my hands busy (and thinking about how sick I'd feel going through those withdrawals again!) than I thought it would be.

I have to admit, even now at 18 years cig/nicotine free, I still get a craving. I still remember that feeling of lighting up a fresh cig, especially when I see some one lighting one up. Sometimes I even visualize myself walking into a store, picking out a pack of cigs, paying for them, walking out, opening the pack, and lighting up. I even have an occasional dream about them, strangely enough! But then, I begin thinking about those physical symptoms, the queasiness, the headaches, the dizziness. Then I start thinking how my clothes used to smell of cig smoke instead of perfume, how when I walk by some one I can instantly they smoke - and it's not pleasant, how smokers are now relagated to outdoor corners to huddle together and smoke, as though they are doing something wrong. I think about my overall health, and how much I've worked over the years to preserve it and maintain it.

Yeah, I get a craving to smoke every now and then, but I have too much going for me now to give in.

You CAN get there too. You WILL get there! Imagine yourself in that spot. What you are going through when you quit is something YOU CAN overcome. YOU control YOUR body. It can be hard and it can be unpleasant, but it's not something that will kill you to stop. It is something that may kill you if you don't stop. YOU GO!!

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