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In June of 2008, I asked my gyno about Wellbutrin, etc, for smoking cessation. She prescribed it to me, (I think it might have been Zyban) and I started it, and literally within 1 week I had zero urge to smoke. I smoked my last cigarette on the 4th of July 2008 and it was great, until I broke up with my boyfriend in February, and several different stressors caused me to turn back to cigarettes.
So at my last gyno appointment, I asked about it again, and since I knew that it had worked the first time, with no side effects (and Chantix has some side effects that sound a little scary to me) I said I wanted to try the Wellbutrin/Zyban again first. She prescribed it, but my insurance only covers the generic, bupropion so that's what I'm taking. And it is NOT working at all. No change in desire to smoke whatsoever, when like I said, last time, it was almost immediate.
Has anyone ever done this twice and found that it worked once and didn't work the second time? And did anyone then try Chantix and get good results?

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