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Freaking Out!
Dec 18, 2011
Ok so here is a bit of my story....

My father was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 2011. He had a sore back that wasn't going away even after going to the family doctor and getting muscle relaxers. I told him he better go to the ER to get a scan because 1000's of thing could be wrong. He did...and turned out he had cancer in his lungs, his stomach and his bones.

July 31 2011 - I quit smoking used nicotine patches and some gum for 4 days, then nothing.

Sept 5 2011 - My father is rushed to the hospital he is unconscious, next 4 days he is fighting to stay alive and they bring him back to bright and shiny. I sleep in his room with him every night.

Sept 10 2011 - I start smoking again. I figure I can quit again later, and this gives me an excuse to "get out" of the hospital for a few minutes here and there to take a break. Hoping it will relax me.

Sept 18 2011 - My father passes away

Nov 9 2011 - I quit smoking for the second time...cold turkey.

NOW here is my PROBLEM. All was smooth sailing I quit, I felt fine. Now about 4 days ago my lungs start to BURN. Bottom of my throat/top of my chest area. I start thinking about my dad and go into FULL BLOWN panic attacks. I am thinking about my dad and I am terrified that something is wrong with me. It is really torturing me. I went to the dr who blew me off somewhat...said I am too young (I am 38 and have been smoking for like 25 years). He gave me an inhaler.

Long story - not so short.....I truly feel like I am about to lose my mind here. I have no cravings, I have no "desire" to smoke....however....I am about 5 minutes away from going to BUY cigarettes if it stops this constant panic. Why the burning 6 weeks after quitting?? Is that normal? I have no coughing at all, no fever no nothing...JUST burning. If it IS long will it last?
Maybe I quit too soon after my father's death, and everything is just too fresh? I don't know...but I am truly terrified all day every day and it is consuming my life here.:dizzy:
If someone could say to me...yes this happened to me, it lasted a week...then ok. I know what is happening and how long to wait...but every board I read about one says they had burning lungs 6 weeks AFTER quitting with no coughing or anything :(

In my mind now I am thinking omg...its not worth it. Smoke for now....quit in a year when your father's death isn't sitting so hard on your heart :confused: But if this is a stage that will be over in a week, then I can do what I can to TRY my best not to lose my mind and hang on for a week or 2....IF someone can tell me this is normal?

THANK YOU so much for listening to my craziness, lol. I know I sound like a maniac :wave:

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