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I have been doing alot of searching in the internet about this and it seems to be a real problem but I can't seem to find any solution.

I quit smoking with the aid of chantix. Happy to be smoke free for a year now. While I am happy to be a non smoker, I am discusted with the weight I gained. When I was on chantix and quit(even went through the holidays) with only gaining maybe 5 pounds. I expected this due to the fact of everything changing cuz of not smoking.

After I stopped chantix, almost right away I blew up. It is like wearing a fat suit around my middle section. It was a weight gain of about 30 pounds within two weeks. I have been trying everything to loose it but it wont budge. I have never dieted a day in my life and have been a pretty steady 125. So now I have to watch what I eat and am going to the gym. And have not been able to loose it.

If anyone knows of anything I would greatly appreciate the help.

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