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Xanax and Chantix
Mar 24, 2012
I am about to start my Chantix prescription to quit smoking. I have had the pills for a week now but have been afraid to start taking them due to the seemingly 1,000 warnings just from the package insert alone!

I have been talking to friends who have taken it and, knowing the potential or it to cause panic attacks, I looked on line or answers as to whether of not I could take Xanax with the drug.

I was happy to find a thread that addressed my concerns so I decided to join up.

Unfortunately, that thread has been closed so I am opening up a new one in hopes that I can get more feedback, as well as, share my own personal experience day by day.
I take xanax with my chantix.I haven't had any side effects but i have only been on chantix for a week..My doctor prescribed it tho and she knows i'm on both of them so i wouldn't worry about it if i was you.Hope this helps.

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