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I stopped smoking 3 yrs ago and now am hooked on the lozenges! I have terrible stomach bloating and gas using them. Has anyone else experienced this side-effect?
Yeah, you know, I used to use those too (actually i've tried using pretty much every NRT or med at one time or another) and I will tell you one thing: this is withdrawal and if you can just quit the nicotine replacement right now it will go away within a week (whenever you get the last of the nicotine out).

Seriously, I quit cold turkey about 5 days ago and I feel the best I have ever felt with any other quitting method. It's so weird, but I have noticed one important thing over these past 5 days: that horrible shakiness, the uncontrollable bloating and/or hunger, the restlessness and headaches--these are symptoms of WITHDRAWAL and they will last as long as you keep using nicotine! This is the ONLY thing that has kept me from lighting up these past 3 days, lol...

I cannot stress enough that I have done the whole thing (multiple attempts) where I drew it out and either cut down on smoking slowly or tapered off with gum, lozenges, patches, or e-cigs etc. All of those times I felt horrible for weeks or months (depending on how long i was trying to taper down my usage). I'd end up gaining all this weight and just giving up etc.

But 5 days cold turkey and I am actually losing weight because now that the nicotine's gone, I FINALLY FEEL NORMAL. I had been trying to quit all year so I'd gotten so used to the blood sugar drops (uncontrollable hunger/weakness etc) and headaches that I thought that was just how I was. All I can say is, if you're worried about symptoms of withdrawal (weight gain, bloating etc) just go cold turkey and stick it out while your body to adjusts for a few days.

This is my first time quitting and I also quit Cold Turkey. I have been smoking 15-20 a day for 15 years (I am almost 30). The best way, if possible, is to go cold turkey. I am on day 36. I actually lost 10lbs since I quit..because you dont feel like eating for awhile (you still need to but the first 1-2 weeks will be rough) but your appetite won't go out of control if you use juice (Bolt House Farms smoothies are fantastic for sugars/vitamins). Also realize that when you eat it takes 20 mins for the blood sugar to rise where-as cigarettes is 20 secs. Also, bananna's are great in the beginning too (and double bubble!)

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