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Well I hope by now your adjusting?? How's this working for you now?

I had to cut back to 1 Chantix in the morning as even if I take the 2nd one at 6pm it still keeps me up all night. Tried taking sleeping pills from Doctor, that was a mess. I am only smoking 2 cigarettes but that is still smoking. It's very hard the 2nd time quitting or trying to quit.

Oh eating and taking the Chantix between bites works great :)
Hello Angela,
Still smoking 2 a day :( BUT I refuse to buy anymore after this pack (only 3 left in it), that's it I had enough. If I can give up 18 a day what's 2 more? Stress levels are up and down like the stock. So I get on line and play some semi-mindless game. Don't think your quit date will happen before Turkey day, that's the day I wake up and never smoke again as I will finish my last 2 on Weds.
Chantix is going better now that I have the sleeping pills, one keeps you awake, one makes you sleep, and because all I want to do is quit smoking how sad :(.
Now, with Turkey day here and all the eating we do, it will make you want a cigarette even more. Eat = smoke, drive = smoke, phone = oh another smoke, on and on.
So I hope you find a way to trim it down and let me know what happens Wed at Doctors please.
-Soon to be Smokless Joe
Hi Angela,

OMG!!! Day 20 and the pains you get when you stop smoking, I feel like I played Football and lost. But still smokeless :angel: The "very cherry" jelly beans help A LOT as not only do I chew them but roll them all around in my mouth, across my tongue and the key is not to choke on them lol. Then when that craving passes I go back to what I was doing.

It's been easy and hard, mostly hard as I had to cut down to 1 Chantix, the night time one was insane as it would not allow me to sleep for days at a time and my Doctor did not want me taking sleeping pills that long.

So as I am into day 20, tomorrow will be a tie for the longest I ever went without a Cigarette. Quit once before for 21 days then went back to it as I had no medication to help with quitting. This time with Chantix it will happen I am sure of that.

I am going to make this message 2 parts, 1 about me and the other about you. I am at work and have a meeting in 10 mins, I need my walk before the Meeting.

So I will say all is okay, my temper is getting a good work out. EVERYONE has offered to buy me a carton of Cigarettes :confused: But that is getting better also.

Hey guys,

Keep it up it's worth it

I started chantix on december 11th and I had smoked my last cig on the 17th, I'm over 2 weeks smoke free now and I guess luckily for me I caught bronchitis from the 17th through the 27th. I thought the sickness was just the horrible side effects of quitting smoking and using chantix until my girlfriend forced me to the doctors and sure enough I was days from pneumonia.

Within days I was better from the sickness and because of it I had no effects of coughing up the gunk until after I was well from being sick, The week that followed was full of mucus and tar-gunk in my sink all day every day. After that week passed I could taste and smell everything and take deep breathes without trouble. I now feel amazing and the only side effects from chantix I am getting is vivid dreams and muscle cramps while sleeping. I have two more months worth of medicine and plan to stay on it and ween myself off near the end of it in order to have the strength to not smoke ever again.

I have been a smoker for 14 years straight a pack a day and I will be saving over 2,000 dollars a year from not smoking. I suggest the IQuit app on the ipad/ipod as it keeps track of health and money statistics.

Best of luck to both of you!

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