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Gosh, I wish I had a miracle for you but then I'd be a rich person. :D

For me once I decided to quit I would tell myself a few different things every time I craved.

1. I will wait until tomorrow. If tomorrow I really want one.. I will smoke. (The theory for me was I wouldn't panic about not smoking and more than likely I wouldn't want to ruin my quit when tomorrow got here.)

2. Smoke? I'm a non smoker. I no longer smoke.

3. Ever since I quite smoking I find myself doing_________ much more.
(Could be writing, exercising , painting.. what ever you want to do)

I would drink hot tea at times that I would normally smoke. So after dinner and the dishes were done I would put the tea pot on and have myself a cup of hot tea. ** Note -- I was not a tea drinker before my quit.

I have been quit for 49 days now and it is the longest I have ever gone. I am so excited.

-- Oh and I also was at the point where I was embarrassed to be a smoker so I would keep telling myself how wonderful it would be to not be worried about smelling. AND I now would be able to smell good things when I quit.

My first day of quitting I took everything out of my closet and my dresser drawers and washed them. All the while telling myself: "Ever since I quit smoking, I love to clean and do laundry because I can smell the wonderful clean".

In the long run you should look for your own motivation. YOUR OWN. It's the only way it can work and be meaningful to you.

The best of luck,
Be well, live life with love , peace and joy. Live with intention.

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