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I was only taking one a day from the beginning because I was feeling nauseated taking 2 a day so make sure you eat something first. You may want to talk to your Dr. and change to 0.5mg twice a day or like me take only one a day. I took them for about 7 weeks and now done with them as I had vivid dreams and felt depressed so just stopped taking them and reduced to 2 times a week and now none.

I hope it lasts. I'm so tired of smoking especially with degenerative discs caused by smoking. Good luck. Take deep breaths and drink lots of water. I haven't even gained any weight also. My leather coat still smells of smoke. I'm afraid even after almost 3 months to tell anyone I quit in case I restart and try not to think about it. I'm annoyed by people who smoke outside my window now. Oh yes cheated last Friday and took one puff and almost fell on my face due to dizziness and it tasted so rotten. God help us all quit. Best wishes . Sara

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