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Anne, thank you for the support you offered me and my wife. you certainly seem in higher spirits since this last posting from Day 2! I understand the heroin feeling you mentioned....I was telling my wife that I can picture myself standing in front of a large group of some Anonymous Addicts forum, talking about my ritualistic "fix"... "Every morning pulling up to the Starbucks drive thru, ordering that Venti triple-shot Latte (one equal, of course, because the sweet-N-low has sacharran, which causes cancer!) Taking a large sip, and the chills which follow as I go for that glorious cigarrette! Nothing like it!"...and then of course, I end the story by explaining how I ended up in a dumpster or something, looking for food, and my life has been ruined. Funny how the melodrama follows the decision to quit as quickly as the withdraws......Now all I think of is the fact that my wife is now sick, at age 28, from smoking. And the constant fear that I would be without her one day. Suddenly, Starbucks doesn't seem so great, and I hate the cigs and have been sincerely enjoying (in some way), the discomfort I am going through because I know and see, and wake up next to, daily, the reward which will follow. I get to keep my best friend.....

Stay strong

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