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in my family. I lived in a house of 6 people for 22 years. My parents, grandparents and my brother all smoke and yes, believe it or not, I have never picked up a cigarette in my life.

My father has been smoking since he was 12 and now is smoking 2 packs a day. My mother, probably 1 pack and between both my grandparents - 2 packs a day. My brother? I'm not sure only because he is also taking cigarettes from my parents. Dad has had 3 heart attacks and is overweight. My grandmother has had lung cancer and they all still smoke.

As someone on the outside, I find that I am the minority, so when I give them hell for smoking, they just tell me to leave. It has become so bad that now I hope something will happen to me just so they might THINK of quiting. Advice? I don't know if I even need any. Just venting I guess. I am not living at home any longer, but it still effects me. I still need my family around.

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