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Jan 17, 2003
Hi everyone. I usually post on the TMJ portion of this site, but I was surfing around and saw the postings about quitting smoking. For six years I have had severe TMJ (jaw joint problems). It has been a nightmare. When it started, the pain etc., I looked for ways to get healthier and try and narrow down some things. Of course, for the most part I found that smoking really did not cause or make my TMJ problems worse (sometimes a little as far as the headaches, but I decided to quit anyway since i felt I was ready. I was sick of it taking over my life. All the smokers here know what I mean. So, I see some of you are setting a quit date for 2/1. That is awesome. I just wanted to say a few things that i thought would help. First of all, deciding to quit is great, it's the first step. But you must really want to quit. Quitting smoking will not kill you (you may feel like killing someone at times when trying to quit, lol)but you will not die, so anyone saying that they cannot physically do it does not really want to quit. First thing is, if you want to do it, you can. Second, I found patches to be real helpful. They cost money, but compared to cigs, no big deal, its worth whatever it takes. I looked for generic patches. I found good ones were available at TARGET, the store brand. They were alot less that Nicoderm. They were round and looker a little weirder, but who cares. I wore a patch a day, full 24 hours. Next morning, i'd pull it off, shower, and put another one on. I did that for 14 days. Then instead of paying for the so called step two, I just bought another box of the 21mg patches and I started to cut them in half. I wore half patches for two weeks. Next, this may sound stupid, but after the two weeks of that, I went another two weeks and cut my patches into quarters, for another two weeks. It was tough, but after six weeks, the day came when i had my last quarter patch. Sure, wearing those quarter patches only delivered such a small amount of nicotine, but that was cool for two reasons. One, it was achieving the objective of withdrawing myself from the nicotone a little at a time, and psychologically, just having that little quarter patch on gave me some sort of supportive feeling. The first day without any patches was not bad, honestly. By this time, everything about me and my surroundings smelled better, no smoke. I just felt better. I had no energy in the beginning of quitting, but I soon gained some. Ok, I know everyone is different, but i thought I'd throw my two cents in. I smoked a pack and a half a day of Marlboros for 27 years. If I was drinking, at a party, or at Atlantic City (casinos), I smoked much much more. The patches helped me. I gave it the full six weeks the way I had planned it. One more thing, I was always active in sports, but i never did any walking or running regularly. When I first started to quit, I began replacing my cig time if I was home with a decent paced walk (whenever I could), all the while thinking that not only did I avoid that cig, I'm doubling the improvement by walking. Sorry this is so long. I wish you all goodluck.


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