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Re: Zyban
Feb 3, 2003
Hello UPinSmoke. I tried zyban at the same time as my friend. He had no problems, I had similar feelinds as you did. I was jittery, couldn't sleep, etc.. I decided it just wasn't for me. I got off it. I see you mention that you don't want nicotine replacemnts. Zyban is actually an anti-depressant that you are putting in your body, so I had no problem trying the nicotine patches instead. If the alternative is not being able to quit, why would you not try something like patches? If you smoke a half pack to pack aday, that is alot of nicotine I think. The patches are significantly less. I used one patch morning till night, then took it off before bed. Same thing next day, etc. etc., till i went like two or three weeks, then i cut the patches in half (or you could buy the step 2) The difference between the nicotine patches is that you will gradually use less and less till you can get by without them. Like i said, if you are willing to continue smoking and absorbing all that nicotine and other bad stuff, why not try the patches. Took me more times than I can count to quit, but I did it with the help of those patches. If you want to quit for good, you can do it no matter what you use. It will be tough for quite a while, but I can tell you, it can be done. Just my thoughts, good luck mate.

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