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Laroussi-To be honest, I'm not sure what finally kicked in that made me quit. I think I was sick of the smoke and quit thing. Smoke, quit for few dyas, smoke and quit again. It became ridiculous. I just was sick of the way I felt. I looked tired, my clothes and car smelled. One other thing, smokers sometimes ignore the facts, they say they know the risks, but we really try not to think about it. I really gave it some thought one day, I thought about my body and how amazing it is to be alive. I thought about the damage I did everytime I dragged on a butt. I started to respect myself more and focus all this smoking energy into a more useful role. I know this sounds corny, but for me it was true. I was sick and tired of smoking. It was doing nothing for me except costing me alot of money and slowly killing me. My friends would say, you're gonna die anyway, might as well go happy. That was a crock of you know what. Just because we all will die, why increase the risk of going early, why not do what you can to make your life as full as you can. Nothing i tried made it easy, but i did find the patches helped. I smoked my last cigarette on a Sunday night before bed. In the morning, i got up, made coffee and put on a 21mg nicotine patch. I can only say for me it helped. It took that edge off that you get when quitting cold turkey. Just knowing that the patch was there gave me a that little extra i needed. Of course by days end i was ready to buy a pack of cigs, but i didn't. I took the patch off before bed and repeated the same thing next day. I wore the full patch for two to three weeks. The say use step one for 6 weeks but the three weeks was enough. One day i started cutting the patches in half and wearing the half patch. I did that for two weeks. Then (as odd as it may seem), I cut the patches in quarters and wore a quarter patch each day for like a week. Remember, patches alone do not work. Combining them with your will to quit will get you through. The idea of patches seemed silly to me and too time consuming. But when you think about it i smoked for like 20 something years, so four or five weeks of patches seemed like nothing if i really wanted to quit. You need to give yourself more credit than you have been. Life's problems, social things, parties, they will all be the same whether you smoke or not. It's just that in the beginning you wonder how the hell you will ever experience those things without cigs, but I am here to tell you, you can and will. Give it a shot. Don't be so hard on yourself if you try and fail. It may take you many times before you do quit, but you sound like you want to, that is half the battle. Good luck.

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