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Hi Christa, I just had to tell you I loved your story. I couldn't stop laughing when I finished reading it, totally reminded me of something that would happen to me!

Good luck with the wellbutrin, I tried zyban a while back and it really worked for me. By my quit date I was completely ready to quit, body, mind and soul. No cravings at all, but about 3 weeks into it the palms of my hands and my scalp were so itchy I couldn't stand it. Ended up I was allergic to the zyban and had to stop taking it. Naturally without my pill, I had an excuse to start smoking again!

I just quit again, it has been 4 weeks and this time I did acupuncture. Hopefully this will finally work for me, I have a great feeling it will.

Good luck to you, these board are great and have been my sense of security through my whole quitting process.

Take care,

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