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Putting it off
Jul 26, 2003
My plan was to quit smoking (again!) this morning. I had finished my duty free cigarettes from holiday, and had the patches (left over from the last time) next to my bed. At 7.30am a construction team got to work 10 metres from my window, so have now got blood shot eyes and not so much sleep.
I have now put it off till monday morning, not least because I will be going out on saturday night, and the temptation would probably be too much anyway. I am getting worried that I am just going to keep putting it off, finding excuses (like the day seems to stressful to quit on due to construction etc...). I am not even bothering to cut down smoking before I quit, as I think for me it would not make too much difference. If anyone could help me to stop being such a ***** and actually quiting on a given day very soon I would be most appreciative. Thanks,

All the best,


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