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I buy my Commit Lozenges at a Kmart store. I buy the 4mg ones, and they cost about $38.00 for 72 of them. I find they work well (at least for me).

I didn't like the gum at all. Also, I didn't care for the patches. One, they made my arm itchy. Second, they stink like h*ll, and Third, they just did not work for me at all.

Good luck!
I'll try the Commit Lozenges. I didn't have any trouble with the nicorette gum cuz it tasted disgusting. I just held it in my mouth and gave it a chew every now and then. Unfortunately, it didn't diminish my craving for a cigarette in the least. I'm a very heavy smoker. More than 2 packs a day. I really want to quit and I know there's no magic potion, but I can't give up trying. My sister who is only a year and a half older than me has emphysema (sp). My lungs are fine for now according to x-rays but even if I never get any of the dreaded diseases caused by smoking, I still want to stop. I feel like a leper in a non-smoking restaurant because I have to go outside and have a cigarette. I know I stink to h*ll, my teeth are stained, my hair and clothes stink. I'm just plain stinky! Plus I avoid going any place where I can't smoke and turned down a promotion because the other ladies I would be working with are non-smokers and one is even allergic. I don't like the idea of anything controlling my life, yet it is.

Rainy02, good luck to you. I'll try those lozenges too.
I started the Commit Lozenges this morning. I haven't made it through the day. After about 2 hours I spit out the lozenge I had just put in my mouth about 5 minutes earlier and got a cigarette from one of my co-workers. It wasn't even taking the edge off. I'll try it again in the morning. It's too expensive to throw away.

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