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Quitting smoking
Sep 29, 2003
I quit smoking pot and cigs two weeks ago. I smoked both for 20+ years. First off let me say I am still trying to figure out why I smoked in the first place. True I am a little crabby, but phyisically I feel like an 18yo again. What a change! Anyone know how much longer I will be coughing up this nasty brown phlegm? I appears to be getting better but every once and a while (mostly after I eat) I get a nasty one. Anyone know a cleansing agent for the lungs?
Oh I should say I quit because of a nasty growth on the side of my neck. To those of you who havent quit yet, do it!!! Picture this you and your wife or girlfriend smoke right? Well one of you wont be around FOR SURE if you keep it up. That is a pretty easy way to look at it no? I am sure there is a big difference between having to quit and wanting to quit, but looking back it was pretty easy. CHEW GUM< CHEW GUM CHEW GUM. IT WORKS NO KIDDING!

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