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Sounds like panic attacks to me too. This doesn;t mean that you shouldn't quit smoking. My panic attacks were brought on from constantly worrying about what smoking was doing to my body and once I started having the panic attacks they were aggravated by the cigarettes. I ended up on paxil for the attacks but quit it after six months. Six months after quitting paxil I quit smoking and I have to say that although I still experience anxiety from time to time I have less anxiety now than I had while I was on the paxil.

By the way, I quit cold turkey on May 4 of this year and experienced no elevated anxiety. This is the second time that I have quit for more that a couple of days. I think that when you are truly ready to quit it will be easy. Both times I quit for long periods of time I never had any mood swings or overwhelming urges for a smoke. I just quit and when the thought of a smoke popped into my head I just reminded myself that I couldn't have one!

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